Our college is offering 18 seats for Master of Pharmacy in the specialization Quality Assurance and M.Pharm course in Pharmaceutics with intake of 09 seats. M.Pharm is a Post Graduate Degree awarded for a program in the field of Pharmacy. The program duration is two years. There are four semesters in the M.Pharm program. Examination held at the end of every semester. The course offers many practical elements like instrumental techniques, research methodologies, new areas and pharmacy-based operations etc. the aspirants who need exposure to pharmacy can study the M.Pharm program.

Advantages or Benefits of M.Pharm

  • After the program, the aspirants may get a chance to go and work in foreign nations. Once a candidate finishes the M.Pharm program, they can go for advanced studies such as PhD.
  • M.Pharm program offers chances to gain practical skills. The candidates can improve their communication skills and confidence after the program.
  • The program covers many specializations. Aspirants can choose any of the specialization based on their preference.